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What is the problem I am addressing?

After multiple interviews and discussions, the problem I was addressing got a lot clearer. When making a difficult choice, my customers feel insecure and fear to miss out on the best options. Travelling is when they experiment this pain the most. I am now building a solution to this problem!

What is the product?

As per my initial thoughts, I want to build a product that gathers the best recommendations from the people we trust. This includes our friends, experts, and influencers (as long as they share their thoughts in an objective way). I had to think of a basic product we could start with so I came up with the following.
The beta will focus on Zurich only. It will be a basic product that gathers the top recommendations from friends you decided to trust. Recommendations are aggregated and ranked into lists to make it easy to consume. The app will not offer much more than that.

How did I get feedback?

I created a facebook group to be able to share and discuss more dynamically. As per today, there are over 50 members in the all-in-project.com, Early Adopters, they help me define the beta version(join here). On May 22nd, I shared the first design of the product to get feedback and it was very negative. People were overwhelmed by the number of features, they did not know what to do and recommended me to hire a designer. Still, they were happy to help and gave me tons of inputs.
After some more investigations, I made some changes and came up with a new design: https://share.proto.io/S5N9I7/ . People had to vote to let me know if this was good enough. I had much better feedback and a lot of suggestions and feature request so I was very happy.


The product I am currently building was shaped by Early Adopters who gave me feedback and inputs based on what they want to have. It was a great experiment and will definitely do that again for the following versions. The final version I am building is this one: https://share.proto.io/S5N9I7/. The beta version will go live on Thursday, May 31st.


On Thursday, the beta will be available to 10 early adopters and will be focussing on Zurich only. If you share my vision of gathering what you truly love from whom you truly trust, please apply to get early access: https://danielabebe.typeform.com/to/cfFe1L.