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Started with mockups.

Recently, I shared my mockups with some early adopters. People gave me feedback on which I improved the design. When  I started to build the web version of HuggyList. I quickly realized that some designs were not well thought. I decided to inspire myself from the mockups and do some improvisations to fill the gaps.

HuggyList’s beta version went live on 31th May.

I invited some users to test HuggyList (8 in total). Some of them gave me honest feedback on what should be improved and that’s what I did. The web version became more and more user-friendly. After 1 week of testing, we realized that an important component was missing.

“I want to know if my tips were appreciated and if new people start following me”

In order to have a better user-engagement loop, HuggyList needs to have incentives that make users share tips and come back. After discussing with some users, it seemed like the social need for recognition was a powerful start. People would share tips to feel appreciated for what they know and what they are. So we implemented the “upvotes”. Similar to other platforms, users receive “upvotes” when other users agree with the initial tip. The number of upvotes received will appear on the personal profile. (see below, under my name)

How to keep the user-engagement loop short?

A short user-engagement loop means a user will go through a cycle that happens fast. As an example, instagram notifies me when someone likes my picture. This is seen as a reward for a user and makes me want to share more pictures in the future. How to create a similar effect with HuggyList?

HuggyList needs push notifications

In order to leverage this user-engagement loop, we had the choice between emails, SMS and push notifications. It was an easy call, SMS are too expensive and not dynamic enough and emails are not read fast enough. HuggyList works better with push notifications.

On 13th June, HuggyList was submitted to the App store to become an iOS app.

The app has already been approved but I need to do some modifications before inviting early adopters to use it. It will soon be available for further testing!