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Nobody would argue, a business with no clear USP (unique selling proposition) cannot have a sustainable growth. It could make money, yes. But if a business makes money without generating real value to its society, it would turn into a market inefficiency and those tend to disappear organically over time. Other than that, focusing on the right USP helps to make better decisions within the team, talk to the right audience and develop the right features.
I have now been working for 3 months on HuggyList and the pain I want to solve still hasn’t proven to be worth my efforts. Therefore, it is time to reflect on some basics. What is HuggyList’s main USP?

Recommendations from people you trust, only. That’s right: trust.

To understand why this is important, we need to look at the problem and it’s current alternatives:

We often do online research before considering a purchase or making a decision. For many, it became difficult to navigate through the large amount of fake reviews, ads, and random blogs. This can be particularly painful for topics or locations that are new to us. Experts remain expensive and sales agents do not always inspire trust.
This is why, word-of-mouth still accounts for 19% of consumer sales in the USA (6 trillion $).
Now, word-of-mouth still is mostly given offline and it’s most successful online alternative is a Facebook post asking for recommendations. Passive users would rather approach individuals via WhatsApp or FB Messenger for specific tips, limiting their reach to their closest network.
What I am trying to achieve with HuggyList is to optimize this process and enlarge the network of trust. HuggyList aims to organize people #1 recommendations like Google organized the world information. I am very excited by the idea of searching specific people’s knowledge… poor decisions could be avoided and great stuff could be shared.

Is there a market for HuggyList? Which vertical is the most appropriate to start with? Can HuggyList enter the users’ habit zone?

That’s what I’m trying to find out. You can signup to my newsletter to be the first updated: https://all-in-project.com/signup-to-the-newsletter/.
Talk to you soon!