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Short recap: on 1st May (3 months ago), I started a journey based on a personal frustration… I had enough of searching the internet for rather subjective information. All the fake reviews, ads and stranger opinions gave me a strong feeling of insecurity when making a decision. I rather had the opinion of someone I trust so I decided to go on a mission of organizing and making my friends’ knowledge accessible.

On 1st June, HuggyList 1.0 was online

I invited 10 users to try it out. Basically, it was Yelp for people you trust only (What is the best coiffeur in Zurich? What is the best brunch…). After 2 weeks, there was not enough engagement so I was convinced a native app would be more convenient to trigger specific push notifications and increase user engagement.

On July 3rd, HuggyList iOS app was available for download and the web version shut down. 

Now, here are the main learnings from HuggyList’s first users:

  1. Discovering friends taste and opinions is exciting for many.
  2. There is a big gap between active and passive user! >90% of the content was created by 5 users (30 test users in total)
  3. HuggyList is currently more an inspiration app than a searching app (like Pinterest VS Google image). There were less than 20 search requests but users enjoyed browsing around.
  4. Lonely users don’t really see the difference between HuggyList 1.0 and TripAdvisor
  5. Users with friends on HuggyList see a strong USP (unique selling proposition) vs TripAdvisor BUT not that much vs Facebook
  6. Users trust users in specific topics only: there were multiple requests of weighting users on different topics

HuggyList 1.0 (or HuggyList Travel) will now disappear

I have to take an important step back and kill the iOS app. HuggyList 1.0 cannot address some killer criteria to get closer to the vision of “organizing and making my friends’ knowledge accessible”. Therefore, it has to go.
This week, I will roll out HuggyList 2.0: a new iteration that addresses the most important feedback received. It will come as a web version accessible to all. More information will follow soon.