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I am very excited to announce that HuggyList’s new version is now finally available to everyone.

What is HuggyList 2.0

A micro-blogging platform that enables you to share and access content in list format only.


We share our cappuccino on Instagram, funny videos on Facebook, but meaningful knowledge stays hidden. I think the underlying issue is that blogging is the current best alternative to share deep content but stays time-consuming and limited to people with great writing skills.
With HuggyList, I want to reduce those barriers and open the doors to more powerful knowledge, advice and recommendations.

How does it work?

1. Start a list (eg. good horror movies, things you should do in Zurich, … )
2. Insert items as you go
3. Make your friends and followers happy

Did the vision change?

No, HuggyList 2.0 is a new iteration based on the learnings gained so far. All changes are steps to get closer to the vision of “googling” individuals’ knowledge.

Next steps

  • Talk to as many customers as possible
  • Gather feedback
  • Build
  • Repeat

Do you want to check it out? Signup here: https://huggylist.com/ (looks better on mobile)