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Hello! My name is Daniel Abebe.

I am originally from Eritrea, grew up in beautiful Switzerland and now reside in Berlin.  I am passionate about new ideas and ways to challenge the status quo.

I thought about the best way to describe myself so I created a manifesto that I can fully stand for.

Abebe’s Personal Manifesto: 

  1. Put your energy where your passion is.
  2. Be aligned with yourself and speak out.
  3. Help and ask for help.
  4. Be kind and polite.
  5. Take the first step.
  6. Grow out of your comfort zone and don’t settle.
  7. Give credits.
  8. Stay young.

You can also find me on Linkedin and Twitter.

Why this blog?

This blog has several purposes: 

  • Share my ideas and journey with you and get valuable feedback.
  • Find a group of early adopters.
  • Find a community of experts and advisors who can help me along the way.
  • Take the time to reflect on my progress, highlights and fuckups.

The last point helps me keeping track of my journey and a sense of the bigger picture.

This blog is also about sharing personal moments throughout the path of programming a startup from level zero. It is about sharing achievements but also embarrassing mistakes. It is about setting high goals and finding new ways to reach them. It is about being 100% transparent on what it is like to take risks and follow a vision.

Milestones 📢 🎉

Learn the very basics of programming (HTML/CSS)

Take the class “Intro into programming” from Udacity

Define the Minimum Viable Product (1st version of the Social Search Engine)

Launch the Minimum Viable Product (1st version of HuggyList)

Launched HuggyList 2.0

Go through the Build-Measure-Learn Loop


Seed fundraising